Race Preparation

James Parrack's Famous Race Preparation Talk


It’s not about getting rid of the butterflies, it’s about making them all fly in the same direction!

A feeling of nervousness helps the body get ready for the performance you want to give.

The body has exactly the same response to things you are anxious about, like taking an exam, and things you get excited about… like Christmas Day. In both cases, you might not sleep much the night before, will feel nervous, will be thinking a lot about what is to come. The only difference is how you think about it. In one you will think thoughts of being anxious, of doubt, of not wanting to do it, and in the other, you think BRING IT ON!! So bring on the race. Who cares if you didn’t get so much sleep, or feel nervous… make sure you feel excited nervous and go get ’em!

No one has the right to win. No one deserves to win more than anyone else. You have every right to win. Winning is open to anyone and all we can be sure about is that someone in the final is going to win it. So think, ‘If not me, then who? And if not now, then when?’

Remember, the important thing is to focus on the PROCESS, the streamlines, the glides, the effort, the speed around the turns... If you get this right, the OUTCOME, the time on the clock, will be what you need.


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