James Parrack's Famous Nutrition Talk

nutritionWe all know that the way to good health is to eat a good diet and get a little exercise, so why does it seem to be so difficult for so many of us?

Part of the reason is because the large and powerful food industry would like to us to be as confused as possible about what food actually is, part of the reason is because we are busy people and just don’t have time to plan our eating the way we know we probably should.

We are all being pulled in every direction and have conflicting priorities on a daily basis and often will take the path of least resistance. Me, I happen to like shopping for food and cooking; it relaxes me. So this is my broad-brush introduction to my take on food: what it is, what it does and how best to go about eating it.

I am not an expert and I recommend this only as a starting point, from which you can find out more and begin to travel your own path to make sense of what, when and how to eat. We are all different, and I firmly believe that just because food exists, we don’t have to eat all of it. In fact, some food will poison some people, where others will thrive on it. So take some time over the coming years to find out which foods work best for your body and which foods don’t. Then eat the ones that work for you and avoid the ones that don’t.

WWhatever you do, please take great care when eating or not eating according to some fad, trend or latest scientific thinking. If you choose to avoid wheat or dairy for example, you need to be certain beyond doubt that these foods are harmful to your body. There are some links at the end of this which you should read if you think you may have food allergies or food intolerances, because there is an awful lot of bad information out there. Also note that the science will change as the years go on, so stay informed.


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