1. Holiday Checklist

    Q.1 What do I need to bring with me?

    There are many things you will probably like to bring but the essentials are: passport, wallet, Euoropean Health Insruance Card, hat, very high protection sunscreen (we recommend 50+), sunglasses, swimsuit or trunks, goggles (we sell mirror goggles at the pool), cap if you wear one (they are not obligatory), fins and snorkels. If you do not have fins and snorkels you can order them from us and they will be here when you arrive. We have floats so no need to bring them.

    Q.2 Will I be met at the airport?

    For clubs on trainig camps your transfers are included in the price so yes, someone will be there to meet you on arrival. Please send us the mobile phone number of someone in the group so we can contact you in case of any problems. Please make sure this person turns the phone on on arrival. If you don't immediately see your team name displayed as you exit the baggage hall into the main arrivals concourse, head for 'meeting point'. This is more or less in the middle of the long concourse where the hire cars are. For Family Swim Holidays, the transfers are not included. We will let you know if we are putting on complimentary bus transfers. Please ask us if you have any questions at all about your transfers.

    Q.3 Do you have any fundraising ideas for our camp?

    Fundraising is a great way of raising money for the camp and many clubs do it. Offering to pack bags at supermarkets for a donation to the camp is very popular. Other ideas are sponsored events, raffles, and if you can do it, a bingo night. One club organised a bingo night every Monday night for their community and raised all the money for every trip they took every year!

  2. Training

    See here for questions relating to the training.

    Q.1 Do I need to bring floats and paddles?

    We have floats at the pool so no need to bring these. Bring paddles if you are likely to use them. We don't use paddles on the Family Swim Holidays but we do use snorkels and fins, so please bring these or order them from us to have them ready for you when you arrive.

    Q.2 Do you have a landwork area?

    There is plenty of space on the pooldeck for general land work and we also have a fully equipped gym that opens onto the pooldeck. You can take mats and medicine balls out of the gym to use on the pooldeck. To use the gym, it is important to book it with us ahead of your arrival.

    Q.3 How far is the pool from the hotel?

    All the hotels we use are excellent quality, have great food and are just a few minutes' walk from the BEST Centre. The closest hotels are the Club Colonia Blau and the Lemar Gardens, which are a 100m or so, and the furthest will be a 7-8 minute stroll. So not far, even for those swimmers who don't like walking!

  3. Directions

    See blow for question on directions.

    Q.1 What happens when I arrive at the airport?

    On arrival at the airport, you will be met to be taken to the BEST Centre. When you arrive out of the luggage claim and exit into the main arrivals hall, look for your club name displayed by the meet and greets. If you don't see your club, follow signs to the meeting point, which is by the car hire desks. If in any doubt, call the BEST Centre.

    Q.2 Is there a supermarket close by?

    There are 3 supermarkets in the town and every hotel is close to one or other. The closest supermarket to the pool is the Spar, which is a 5 minute walk. At the pool, we can supply you with maps and directions for all the supermarkets, shops, pharmacy, etc.

    Q.3 What do I do if I need to see a doctor or a physio?

    There is a health centre in the town, (free coverage with European Health Insurance Card), and a private health clinic just opposite the pool next to the Club Colonia Blau hotel. There is an emergency clinic in Campos for more serious issues which is 15 minutes away by car. The BEST Centre has a first aid station, oxygen tank and a defibrulator. The BEST Centre staff are trained to use all the equipment. Please alert us to all issues and we can help organise the most appropriate care. There is a very good phsyio in Campos, which is 15 minutes away by car. This is by appointment. Please ask in the office and we can call to make appointments at the physio clinic.