The Beaches

Whenever we propose a venue for a warm weather swim camp, the first question we are asked is always, "is is close to the beach?" We were only ever considering sites for the BEST Centre that were a short walk to the best beaches we could find, and when we heard of some land that might be available in Colonia Sant Jordi, we were on the phone immediately.

The stunning beaches on this part of the island have made Colonia Sant Jordi the most famous destination in the Balearic Islands. Es Trenc, on the west side of the town is the most well known of all the beaches in Mallorca because of its miles of golden sand, crystal clear water and national parkland behind.

The beach of Es Trenc, the coastal area around Colonia de Sant Jordi and the island of Cabrera , renowned for its marine tourism, form what has been called the ‘magical triangle’ of the Balearics, because of its beauty and tranquility.

Es Trenc and Es Estanys

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Es Trenc and Es Estanys are the beaches on the west side of the town. Es Estanys is the area of beach closest to the town, and then Es Trenc stretches for 3000m of natural beauty. It is one of the few areas on the island to find sand dunes.

In 1984 Es Trenc was declared a "Special Interest Natural Area".

There are bars at either end of the beach and sunbeds and umbrellas are available, although in limited numbers. There is a beach cafe and facilities on Es Estanys.

Es Dolc and Es Carbo


Es Dolc and Es Carbo are the beaches on the east of the town. Es Dolc is the area of beach closer to the port with Es Carbo a little further round the headland.

While Es Trenc is the most famous of the island's beaches, Es Carbo and Ses Roquetes are preferred by those in the know. A 20 minute walk from Es Dolc will bring you to 1300m of virgin, 'S' shaped beach. If you don't fancy the walk, there will be boats ready to take you from the port. There are no beach cafes here, just sand and solitude.