The Facilities at the BEST Centre

The pool and gym factilities at the BEST Centre make this site the perfect location for your swimming training camp.

Because we understand the needs of swim teams, we are able to provide everything you need to help you train as well as you possibly can. This means you can go to the block with confidence and give the BEST performance you can.

The Pool


The pool at the BEST centre is a state of the art, free-standing sky pool from Astral.

  • The pool has a constant depth of 2m
  • There are two filming windows one at 1m and one at 15m
  • There is also a viewing platform on the roof of the main building
  • We have one Shark Eye portable underwater camera
  • Audio visual room with direct poolside access for instant feedback

Energy Efficiency

We at the Bluewater Elite Swim Training Centre take seriously the impact that the centre will have on the environment.

For this reason we wanted to use a heating system using the cleanest energy that exists today. The solution we chose was a combination of solar heating and a biomass burner. The solar panels installed on the roof of the main building heat the water using the free energy of the sun. Depending on the time of year, this provides 40 - 100 percent of our total heating requirement. For the rest, we have a burner that is fuelled using recycled wood pulp or discarded almond shells. This is predominantly waste material that has been pulped into compressed pellets that burn cleanly and efficiently. There is no oil or gas used at our site, and electricity is used only for the pumps, lighting, heating and cooling the main building and the usual office elecrical needs.

The Pool The Pool