The BEST Centre Masters Championship is a Masters swimming event organised by the BEST Centre, the masters team XXX and the Balearic Swimming Federation.

It is open to any swimmer aged 20 or over and competition categories will be as follows:

  • 20+ 20-24 years (born 1997-93): PRE-MASTER
  • 25+ 25-29 years (born 1992-88)
  • 30+ 30-34 years (born 1987-83)
  • 35+ 35-39 years (born 1982-78)
  • 40+ 40-44 years (born 1977-73)
  • 45+ 45-49 years (born 1972-68)
  • 50+ 50-54 years (born 1967-63)
  • 55+ 55-59 years (born 1962-58)
  • 60+ 60-64 years (born 1957-53)
  • 65+ 65-69 years (born 1952-48)
  • 70+ 70-74 years (born 1947-43)
  • 75+ 75-79 years (born 1942-38)
  • 80+ 80-84 years (born 1937-33)
  • 85+ 85-89 years (born 1932-28)
  • 90+ 90-94 years (born 1927-23)
  • 95+ 95-99 years (born 1922-18)
  • More than 100 years (born 1917 and earlier)

Relays do not have to be from the same club but if not from the same club will not count toward club competition.

Warm up starts 1 hour before the session starts.

  • Individual Registration will take place online through our partner Elitechip platform.
  • Registration of relay events will be completed by the delegate from each club, with all the data and sent by e-mail to

Entry fees 5 Euros for each individual event. Relays FREE.

The closing date for entries will be September 10, 2017 at 11:00 p.m.

Masters: the same swimwear regulations as per pool swimming will be applied from January 16, 2010.

The events will follow the rules “ONE START ONLY”, and “against the clock”. The classifications will be established according to the times achieved. The heats will be organized following the best times sent with the entries, mixing age groups.

The not participation in a event will be communicated to the technical table of the competition before earlier 30 minutes the start of the day. The not presented to any event, and has not communicated previously, can not swim in other event of the day; except relays, yes they can swim.


  • Medals will be awarded for the top three finishers in each age group in each event, men and women.
  • There will be a prizes for top male, top female and top club.
  • NO medals for the Relays will be given.
  • The Clubs will be given 1 set of heats sheets.
  • Results will be poste don the resultats panel and also at the BEST Centre website.

The swimmers signing up this competition assume that they are in good health, and that their doctor has not informed them otherwise, plus they acknowledge that they are aware of the risks inherent to participation at BEST Centre Masters Competition to be held at The BEST Centre (Colonia Sant Jordi, Spain), including the possible disability or death, and they are willing to take those risks.

Also registered swimmers waive any claim for loss, damage or injury arising out of their participation at BEST Centre Masters Competition against Federación Balear de Natación, against organizer The BEST Centre, or against any person participating or assisting the cited championship, being obliged and agreeing to meet the standards set by the Federación Balear de Natación, and this regulation.

All participants must be in possession of a medical insurance, valid in Spain, covering any expenses (doctor, pharmacist, hospital or return home), which may occur in connection with their stay in Mallorca and their participation at BEST Centre Masters Compeition, which they undertake to prove if required.