Swim Teams

We have been organising swim training camps for teams at every level since 2002.

Pool at BEST Centre MallorcaAs former swimmers, we understand the needs of small social clubs as well as those of national teams and Olympic holding camps. We started with a blank sheet paper on which we sketched out our idea of the ideal site for a training camp for swim teams. We searched for the perfect location to meet those needs.

The BEST Centre in Colonia Sant Jordi is the result.

We know you want:

  • A fantastic, reliable, well managed, outdoor 50m pool with gym on site.
  • Well run hotels with good food, just a short walk away.
  • To be on the doorstep of the best beaches in the Mediterranean.
  • A short flight and transfer to somewhere warm using all the low cost airlines.

We know you would also like:

  • Wi-Fi access.
  • Internet terminals.
  • Cafes and restaurants and a little life in the town but not too much.
  • Excursions and day trips for your time off.
  • Other sports like tennis, golf, kayaking and biking to keep you busy.

So that's what we built!

So whether you are a small club looking to come away on a training camp for the first time, or a national team looking for the prefect location for your camp, come and swim with the BEST!