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The BEST Centre is the perfect site for swimming and Triathlon training camps for all levels of swimmer and Triathlete, from a local social club to national and Olympic teams.

THE ELITE CHOOSE BEST CENTRE FOR EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS PREPARATION: At the recent 2014 European Championships, 11 individual gold, 5 individual silver and 3 individual bronze medals were won by swimmers who prepared at the BEST Centre in the month run up to the event. A further 9 golds, 13 silvers and 3 bronzes were won in relays. On top of that, from swimmers who have been at the BEST Centre in the 12 months prior to the competition, there was a further 13 golds, 12 silvers and 9 bronzes. Highlights included 4 golds by Florent Manaudou and 3 golds by Chris Walker-Hebborn, both training here just before Euros.

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The BEST Centre is a venue dedicated to training camps and competitions. As well as swimming and Triathlon, the venue is ideal for synchro and water polo. The BEST Centre is founded and run by former Olympic swimmers.

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With hiking, biking, kayaking, caving, sailing, fishing, snorkeling and the beautiful island of Cabrera just off the coast, there is plenty to ensure you keep coming back. Please contact us with any questions you have about the BEST Centre and to book your warm-weather training camp.

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